Check out FLOTEK on – How to Build a Savory Big-Block Chevy With a Vintage Look!

From the article: Affordable performance attracts hot rodders. Few platforms lend itself better than Chevrolet’s big-block V-8. When introduced in 1965, its generous bore diameter, excellent rod-to-stroke ratio, and large intake and exhaust ports catapulted the Rat motor to the forefront of competitive racing. And if it weren’t potent enough in stock form, a strong […]

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FLOTEK Featured in Engine Builder Magazine Article

A lot has changed in the performance cylinder head market since my last head story in EB in 2010. First of all, 600hp is the new 500hp, and if a power adder is involved, you’d better be packing 800hp to have any bragging rights at all. View the full article:

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Stillman Racing

Here is a short video of the 360s that Shawn reworked after I broke a valve a couple months ago… It’s sounding pretty awesome… Thanks again for you guys bending over backwards to help me….

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FLOTEK Product Featured in PRI TRADE Magazine

FLOTEK High Performance Racing Heads was featured in the Race Shop section of PRI TRADE Magazine with a new product release. View the magazine online here: The monthly business magazine, PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY, is widely recognized as “The Voice of the Racing Marketplace.” From its inception in 1986, PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY has served tens […]

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