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Winning can be expensive! You love racing. We love racing! You’ve been doing it for a while now and you know the effort required, the late nights involved, and the passion and commitment needed. You’re getting good and have shown that you can win.

You’ve wondered “How in the hell do I break into that?” or “Where do I go to get some help?” Mesmerizing tire WRINKLE, suspension tweaking, flying wheelies, billowing smoke clouds…FLOTEK Racing!

Well, here at FLOTEK Performance Racing Heads, we wondered the same thing. We are passionate, committed, willing to put in the hours, and always – ALWAYS! – looking for the funds that could make the difference between heading for the Checkered Flag or back to Pit Row.

In January 2018, FLOTEK Racing will hold the first sponsorship application period EVER. Six talented drivers, nicknamed #flotekfast will be hand selected by a team of FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head Team members to become the first #flotekfast racers of Team FLOTEK.

This sponsorship is designed to promote FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Heads, and work together to educate, distribute and create sales within the FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head dealer network.

FLOTEK will promote selected drivers in our marketing materials, social media outlets and web presence to give each driver an avenue to showcase their talents and accolades. The selected drivers receive a $800.00 credit plus apparel, skull cap or hat, car decals and track support with giveaways (koozies, catalogs, magnets, etc.) from FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head and are eligible for future discounts with FLOTEK.

How can I become a FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head Sponsored Driver? Are you a Marketing machine? You may have what it takes to be the next FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head driver. We have an open application period January 1st through January 30th. Follow us on Facebook (FLOTEK by Tri-State Cylinder Head, Inc.) and Instagram.

Minimum requirements for sponsorship include:

  • FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head logo on both sides of the car: minimum size of 12″X4″.
  • FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head hat or shirt worn in pictures and/or victory lane.
  • Distribute FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head catalogs (provided by FLOTEK) at race tracks and have available by request.
  • Race updates with finishes, pictures, videos and phone calls so we can promote you on our website and social media outlets.
  • Testimonial: FLOTEK will work with you on this process to get testimonials on current products in use on your racecar.
  • Promotion of FLOTEK on your marketing outlets including Facebook, magazine articles and racing media websites and forums.
  • FLOTEK link on the driver’s website.

FLOTEK receives a significant number of sponsorship requests each year. The summary detailing how sponsoring your racing program will benefit FLOTEK is the section that will set you apart from other applicants.

To get started, click the application link below.

View Racer Application PDF

View Racer Sponsorship Information PDF (info from this page)

For any additional information, please contact Susan Schmitt:
Cell: 812-449-9767

View Flo-tek catalog and price sheet
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