STREET BUILD – Up to .550 Lift – CL 130# @ 1.75, OP 310 @ 1.20, C/Bind- 1.160 • Intake Valve: 2.02 .100 • Exhaust Valve: 1.55 .100, 1.46” Single W/D

HYDRAULIC ROLLER – Up to .650 Lift – CL 142# @1.80” .100 OP 400# @1.15” C/Bind 1.040” • Intake Valve: 2.02 1.00 • Exhaust Valve: 1.55 .100 1.46” Dual

SOLID ROLLER – Up to .750 Lift – PSK580-1-10 CL195# @ 1.80 OP 525# @ 1.15 C/BIND 1.04” • Intake Valve: 2.02 .200 (P4316HPC) • Exhaust Valve: 1.55 .200 (P4315HPC) 1.50” Dual


Something great just got better! FLO-TEK has taken its track-proven cylinder head and using advanced 3D solid modeling and CAD tools, plus a nearly a decade’s worth of racing experience, has made it even more potent for serious performance enthusiasts and racers.

FLOTEK Ford 190 CNC ported to achieve optimal air-flow for maximum horsepower and torque in high performance street and light duty racing applications. The casting and port designs are all new and engineered for great performance. Fully CNC’d intake ports, combustion chambers and exhaust ports for improved air-flow. FLOTEK’s 190 head with CNC Street Ported runners are great entry-level CNC heads combining fully CNC-machined runners and combustion chambers with a standard resolution surface finish for significant performance gains. Excellent head for 351 or 347 Stroker.


• Does not include Thermactor Plugs (ERG). FLOTEK RECOMMENDATION: Trick Flow Small Block Ford TFS 51400265


Specifications, Features & Optional Supporting Components

Head Bolt Torque50-65-80 Ft-Lb, 75 Ft-Lb on Bottom (Permatex#80631)
Rocker Stud Torque45- 50Ft-Lb 7/16” Stud
Intake Port GasketFel Pro 1262
Exhaust Port GasketFel Pro 1487, MS15129Y
Head GasketFel Pro 1011-1 or 1011-2, M6051-050
Head Bolts & StudsARP154-3605 (302), ARP154-3603 (351W), ARP254-3708
Head Bolt WashersEDL 9680 (302)
Suggested ManifoldPerformer RPM, Weiand Street Warrior
Spark Plug Starting RangeNGK R5671A/4091, AGSF-32C or Equivalent (hotter or colder)
Intake Port Volume190cc
Exhaust Port Volume71cc
Combustion Chambers60cc
Max Spring Pocket Diameter1.560”
Street Build Spring Kit1.46” Single W/D
Hydraulic Roller Spring Kit1.46” Dual  PSK618-1-10
Solid Roller Spring Kit1.50” Dual W/D  PSK580-1-10
Rocker Arms91511772SW
Push RodsHardened Push Rods

Basic Package Components:
Solid Roller Intake Valve2.02 .200 (P4316HPC)
Solid Roller Exhaust Valve1.55 .200 (P4315HPC)
Street Build/Hydraulic Intake Valve2.02 .100
Street Build/Hydraulic Exhaust Valve1.55 .100
RetainersSB – 7 Degree, HR/SR – 10 Degree Chrome Moly Retainer
Valve LocksSB – 7 Degree, HR/SR – 10 Degree Chrome Moly Locks
Rocker StudSB – 3/8”, HR/SR – 7/16” Chrome Moly Rocker Stud 
GuideplateHardened Steel FLOTEK Two-piece adjustable Guideplate
Valve SealsViton Positive Seals
Spring CupHardened Steel Cups
Intake Valve SeatCast Alloy
Exhaust Valve SeatCast Alloy
Bronze Valve GuidesManganese Bronze

Part Specification

Flo-Tek Cylinder HeadID#Part Number
SBF 190 CNC Bare008501340071672190-CNC-500
SBF 190 CNC Street Build Assembled008501340071742190-SBCNC-505
SBF 190 CNC Hydraulic Roller Assembled008501340071812190-HRCNC-505
SBF 190 CNC Solid Roller Assembled008501340071982190-SRCNC-505

Flow Chart



Dimensions & Weight

Small Block Ford Bare17.6 Pounds
Small Block Ford Assembled24 Pounds


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

SBF 190 CNC Bare (2190-CNC-500), SBF 190 CNC Solid Roller Assembled (2190-SRCNC-505), SBF 190 CNC Hydraulic Roller Assembled (2190-HRCNC-505), SBF 190 CNC Street Build Assembled (2190-CNCSB-505)