If you are serious about horsepower, then we have your solution, the FLOTEK 220 CNC Performance Cylinder Head. The superior port and chamber design offers maximum air flow. Built with various spring combinations like solid and hydraulic for different cam set ups!  Incredible performance at an affordable price.  This is not your typical Chevy Head…FLOTEK’s 220 CNC is a Serious Head for Serious Horsepower! Enough said! These are available for 305, 307, 327 & 350. For 400 Motors contact FLOTEK.


HYDRAULIC ROLLER – PSK618-1-10 CL142# @ 1.80 OP 400# @ 1.15 • C/BIND 1.040″ • Intake Valve: 2.08 .100 (P3122-100)
Exhaust Valve: 1.600 .100 Up to .650 Lift

SOLID ROLLER – PSK583-1-10 CL 230# @ 1.90 OP 600# @ 1.25 • C/BIND 1.15″ • Intake Valve: 2.08 .200 (P3122-200)
Exhaust Valve: 1.600 .200 (P11751-JF) Up to .650 Lift



Specifications, Features & Optional Supporting Components

Head Bolt Torque50-65-80 Ft-Lb, 75 Ft-Lb on Bottom (Permatex#80631)
Rocker Stud Torque45 Ft-Lb
Intake Port GasketFel Pro 1205 or Equivalent
Exhaust Port GasketFel Pro 1404 or Equivalent
Head Gasket350/383 Fel Pro 1003, Cometic C5399
Head Bolts & StudsARP134-3601, Manley 42313, ARP 134-4001
Head Bolt WashersManley 42102
Suggested ManifoldPerformer RPM Air Gap, Weiand Street Warrior 8150
Spark Plug Starting RangeNGKR5671A-7/4091 Hotter or Colder or Equivalent
Intake Port Volume220cc
Exhaust Port Volume84cc
Combustion Chambers72cc
Max Spring Pocket Diameter1.630”
Valve Spacing1.90”
Rocker ArmsMust have Clearance for Valve Spring Retainer
Hydraulic Roller Spring Kit1.46” Dual Spring -PSK618-1-10
Solid Roller Spring Kit1.55” Dual Spring -PSK583-1-10
Hydraulic Roller Intake Valve2.08 .100 -P3122-100
Hydraulic Roller Exhaust Valve1.60 .100
Solid Roller Intake Valve2.08 .200
Solid Roller Exhaust Valve1.60 .200

Basic Package Components:
Retainers10 Degree Chrome Moly Retainer
Valve Locks10 Degree Chrome Moly Locks
Rocker Stud7/16” Chrome Moly Rocker Stud
GuideplateHardened Steel FLOTEK Two-piece adjustable Guideplate
Valve SealsViton Positive Seals
Spring CupHardened Steel Cups
Intake Valve SeatPowder Metal
Exhaust Valve SeatPowder Metal
Bronze Valve GuidesManganese Bronze

Part Specification

Flo-Tek Cylinder HeadID#Part Number
SBC 220 CNC Angle Bare008501340073101220-CNC-500
SBC 220 CNC Solid Roller Angle Assembled008501340073201220-SRCNC-505
SBC 220 CNC Hydraulic Roller Angle Assembled008501340073301220-HRCNC-505

Flow Chart



Dimensions & Weight

Small Block Chevy Bare18 Pounds
Small Block Chevy Assembled24.8 Pounds


Additional information

Weight 24.8 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 7 x 8.5 in

SBC 220 CNC Angle Bare (1220-CNC-500), SBC 220 CNC Solid Roller Angle Assembled (1220-SRCNC-505), SBC 220 CNC Hydraulic Roller Angle Assembled (1220-HRCNC-505)