Estreberto Marin

BeartoDrift   //   1995 Ford Mustang GT SBF 180 Heads

Estreberto Marin

  • Born   September 22, 1989
  • Hometown   Appleton, WI
  • Dream Car   1967 Shelby Cobra Roadster
  • Favorite Movie   Marvel Series

What's your career highlights?

Started racing at age 19, AutoX and Track days with an RX-7, CRX, and Fiat X 1/9.

Purchased a Mustang and started attending every type of track day possible. Open oval track days, road courses, drag racing, autox until finally committing to drifting.

What's your biggest moment?

Joining the #FLOTEKfast Team

1995 Ford Mustang GT

  • Head:   SBF 180
  • Cubic Inches:   302
  • Cam:   F303
  • RPM: 6000
  • Additional Upgrades:   FiTech EFI, FLOTEK 180cc heads, Shorty headers, MSD ignition, FRPP F303 cam with 1.7 ratio rocker arms. Duncan Motorsports Steering Angle Kit, Premium Customs LCA Angle Kit


  • Team Members:   Alycia Marin, Edgar Comargo
  • Home Track:   Great Lakes Dragway
  • Racing Series:   Drift ChiTown Points Series
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