Christopher Hayes

Black Stallion   //   1995 Ford Cobra 190 CNC Heads

Christopher Hayes

  • Born   May 29, 1988
  • Hometown   Gastonia, NC
  • Dream Car   57 Chevy Bel Air Powered By Ford
  • Favorite Movie   American Graffiti, Two-Lane Blacktop, Gone in 60 Seconds

What's your career highlights?

1/8 Mile @ 100mph – 6.98 seconds

Got started by racing go carts at age 8. Built first motor at 14 years old. It was for a 67 Mustang. Street raced until 18. After that, started drag racing and engine building. Built performance engines for street and strip.

What's your biggest moment?

Being sponsored by FLOTEK

1995 Ford Cobra

  • Head:   190 CNC
  • Cubic Inches:   306
  • Cam:   Anderson
  • RPM: 8300-8500
  • Compression Ratio:   13.0.1
  • Additional Upgrades:   Ported Parker Funnel Web intake, 4150 Holley 750, MSD Dizzy, Trick Flow push rods, PAC springs, Griffon Aluminum Radiator

Black Stallion

  • Team Members:   Dee Hayes, Charlie Hayes
  • Home Track:   Shadyside Dragway
  • Racing Series:   Grudge

Other Information

See Chris review Flotek small block ford heads for 289 302 and 351 Windsor’s

Review of the Flotek 190 CNC Small Block Ford heads and some of their features + Update on Black Stallion’s motor progress.

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